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Image by Ivana Cajina

Tier 1

You’re ready to go deeper.

I want you to experience the most palpable, and clear connection to your own wisdom through your wombspace.

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Tier 1

I am offering this program at an exquisite discount so that I can collect your testimonials and case studies, and perfect the flow of the processes. This is why committing to share your testimonials is mandatory for your acceptance into this sacred portal, as well as being a full body YES.

You aren't just stepping into the next phase of your life, you aren't just shedding old skins, you are also stepping into a sacred sisterhood container.

This is a very deep, and very heavy program that will one day be a certification. If that becomes available during this round it will be offered to you as a (bonus.

The women joining this program are HAND PICKED -- unprecedented, magical, powerful women who are changing the world in their corner of the universe. You will be gathering with other women that will make you feel deeply honored in your bones to have been accepted into this program.


That's right, this program is filled by application only.

I'm calling in women who are ALREADY invested in themselves, and who will bring value to the group through their embodied presence.

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

What's Included

  • 9 months (July 2022 - April 2023)

  • 2 group calls per month (2-3 hours) - Tuesdays 4pm Eastern Standard Time

  • Guest teacher, or special workshop every month

  • One Q&A per month with Amanda

  • Direct connection to the group through group Telegram Channel

  • Community support via private community group (off of Facebook)​

A Private group of loving, supportive women on this journey with you to co-create the most beautiful experience. (we will not be using Facebook. you will be able to disconnect from social media as you feel led without needing to abandon the group or disconnect from sisterhood support)


  • One Yoni Steaming Sauna, and yoni steaming herbs per participant (value: over $400 USD)

  • One herbal protocol to follow, with herbs (value: over $300 USD)

  • Certificate of completion: Deep Womb Academy (permission to feature it on your website)

  • Opportunity to teach my Wombsync method as a Wombsync Practitioner

  • Opportunity to teach my Wombterrain Class as a Wombterrain Teacher

What Women Say About Working with Me
Image by Geran de Klerk


I was held in a beautiful space of love and acceptance with a wonderful sense of having room for whatever came up. There was no fear of being too much, which has been a constant in my life. Amanda's gift of compassion and strength unlocked some tightly held traumas, and immediately after the session I felt lighter and more free, like a flower that is just letting go of all of life that has kept it from blooming. My body physically manifested trauma release and I can feel the new softness and sensitivity, and it feels like only the start!

Image by Geran de Klerk


In working with Amanda, I have connected my head-knowledge with my hearts needs and my wombspace, my desire.
Amanda’s expertise helped me wholly come home to myself! No longer numb, I now value how I feel, how I see, how I walk! 

Image by Geran de Klerk


I have been experiencing a much deeper relationship with my body. I have cried a lot, realizing just how much I have asked of her, not knowing how to nurture and care for her, then being annoyed and despised her when she manifested pain or asked for a break. The last week has been very intense with so many buried traumas coming out of hiding, and the embodiment exercises have been vital to my wellbeing...It's been a beautiful time of loving her and meeting her and making up for years of neglect and abuse and it's really amazing how gracious and loving she is, never against me or out to bring me down like I had always thought her to be. It really is a beautiful thing!

Image by Pawel Czerwinski


Opportunity to apply for financial grace in the application.

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